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What Love Can Do

(2014) Play song
This is meant to be duet. However, until I get a female voice, all parts are sung by a male:

Intro: Male
Stay with me
I'll show you what love can do

V1: Male
Hey babes, what you doin, with that red dress on?
Hey babes, are ya going, where you don’t belong?                    
Hey babes, tell me now, before it’s way too late
Hey babes, No more fool’en, this love’n man can’t wait
Stay with me
I’ll show you what love can do

V2: Female
Hey babe, off I go, out to dance
Hey babe,  all I want,  is more romance
Hey babe, don’t wait up, ‘cause I’ll be home late
Hey babe, if you want, you can be my date
Stay with me
I’ll show you what love can do

Worn out jeans / low cut top, I can’t get my eyes to stop    <<< Male        
(She says) Let’s go out, have some fun, and when the night is done  << female & male  except "she says" which is only male.
I’ll take you home, and show you what love can do  << male and female



V3: Both male and female, with male mostly
Hey babe, off we go, it’s way past late
Hey babe, love’s   hot, let’s radiate
Hey babe, hold me close, whisper in my ear
Hey babes, when you need, a love engineer

Stay with me x 2 these 2 lines    <<< Both male and female.
 I’ll show you what love can do

Tears are Falling

(2011) Play song
By Richard Brooks. (2011, updated 2013).  Annunciata Pascale - Beautiful harmony and piano.

When we started our life's journey
You were just a younger girl
Then I knew the smile you gave me
Led me to my world

You and me with morning's glory
Tell the story in your eyes
When you hold me in your arms
It's like a lullaby

I love you so
I know you know
Time is calling
Tears are falling
Me, love true

Take us back to life's fond treasures
Every measure you and me
Lived a life with eyes that hold me
Never set me free

I love you so
I know you know
Time is calling
Tears are falling
Me, love true

'cause I
Love you

Reels of Worn Out Movies

(2013) Play song
"Reels of Worn Out Movies" is about how we replay old memories of things past and lost friends and loves.

V1: Reels of worn out movies
Turning slowly in my head
Some say the more you remember old times
The more you will forget***

V2: Actors in a screenplay
Transfixed in time
Some of them in starring roles
In life's past storyline

Smiles I knew
Friends I had
Happy sad
I'm with them all again
When I watch them in
Those reels of worn out movies

V3: Voices so familiar
Faces from the past
True life stories of love and laughter
Performance unsurpassed


Hope in this Hopeless Night

(2013) Play song
By Richard Brooks and Annunciata Pascale

A love song of hope.   WINNER of  a monthly songwriting contest on the MUSE songwriting board!

A lonely spirit sails the sea
Seeking hope among the stars
Its radiant glow sustains the fire in her heart

A restless soul who yearns for more
From ancient seas which drowned her smile
Memories of love she held so tight

And she's caught between two shores
A shipped wreck soul seeks the light
To find hope in this hopeless night
Searching through the storm
A tatted life seeks the light
To find hope in this hopeless night

And then one day, the storm was gone
Lonely nights, replaced by dawn
And as the sun shone, in her face
She theorized, and realized
This was her place
In the sun
Adventure on
With the strength of one
And that's ok
She's on her way
Her way to love

[Instrumental - guitar and bass]

An opened spirit sails the sea
Accepting gifts from high above
Adventurous soul basks in the peace of the night


And she's sailing to the shore
A peaceful girl, found the key
To living life, by living free
Sailing back for more
A gentle soul, turned the light
Brought back hope in this hopeless night

Wind and waves propel her soul
To days and ways she'll spend with him
Sharing his love
Claiming her gifts from above

A Fun Time, Sunshine, Camping Holida

(2012) Play song
Camping is fun! Lyrics

(Refrain) A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday

V1: When it gets too much and I’m low
There’s a happy place I can go
Off to where the smiles are
And it isn’t very far
A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday

V2: Children laughing loudly as they play
Parents reading books of far away
Smokey fires burning
Marshmallows will be turning
A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday

Hot dogs
Croaking frogs
Pine trees and starry nights

Good friends
Long weekends
Gotta pack...
these mem'ries in my knapsack

(Gonna take them back)

V3: Telling scary stories having fun
Waking up refreshed before the Sun
Campfire bacon
Pretty soon will all be taken
A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday


(Brief Instrumental and camping Sound effects)


(2012) Play song

A brother expresses affection and love for his sister.

V1: You're my sister
I'm your brother
we have secrets
on each other

When the kids said.... I was  too small
You were the one.... that taught me baseball

V2: You were married
Had a baby
Turned single mother
Your life was crazy

But you always found the time
To call me up and sing a birthday rhyme



Remember all those times when we were 
out there in the sun...
Racing home from school

We'd open up the door to find a glass of milk and apple pie

Play'en in the snow
Acting in the Christmas show

As the days....
Flew on by


V3: You're my sister
I'm your brother
we have secrets
on each other

On the day... that you turned 50
your silver hair and eyes looked so pretty


You're my sister
I'm you're brother

All songs copyright Richard Dieffenbach.