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Great Apple Pie

(2014) Play song
She was / a country girl / Liv’en in a city world
5 stars / on her vest / She was a cut above the rest

Working her way through school / she’d sometimes break / the rules
Greets me when I arrive / Smiles when she says goodbye
And it’s no lie
She’s the kind of girl / who serves great apple pie

Went to / a grocery store / Saw her walk in / the door
Called me / by my name / as she began / to exclaim
Hello rick / how are you!? / Ain’t the sky a pretty blue
(well) You have / a real fine day / She smiled and strolled / away


She's the light / of my day / And my reason / to stay

One day / she had left / man she was surely the best
Made my days / extra bright/ I wish I were in her nights



(2013) Play song

(c)2014 Rick Dieffenbach and Lee Charles Kelley

My nine-to-five's,
now eight-to-six,
I'm spinnin' wheels,
I need a fix

of rolling hills,
and clinging vines,
the soothing smell,
of southern pines.

Alabama, Alabama….
Gonna leave behind,
the city lights,
Move to the country
Where the ‘livens right
Ala…..bama… I’m coming home

Largemouth bass,
Black-bottom pie,
Hank Williams songs,
A clear blue sky,

The cotton fields,
And Mobile Bay,
Hang on, honey,
We’re on our way...

Alabama, Alabama….
Gonna leave behind,
the city lights,
Move to the country
Where the ‘livens right

Clear skies,
starry nights
Sipping ‘shine
I’m feelin’ alright

Back in the city
Man I was drowning
I can’t wait to settle down in

Alabama, Alabama….
Gonna leave behind,
the city lights,
Move to the country
Where the ‘livens right
Ala…..bama…. I’m coming home

Norfolk, Virginia

(2014) Play song

Norfolk, Virginia
What have you lost?
Is it a good day?
And what does it cost?

Woke up
In the morning
The sun, outside
Is it a good day
to die?

Norfolk, I’m feeling bad
And you’re feel’in sad
For what you done
With a gun

When the sun goes down
When the moon goes ‘round
Norfolk town

Tears are Falling

(2011) Play song
By Richard Brooks. (2011, updated 2013).  Annunciata Pascale - Beautiful harmony and piano.

When we started our life's journey
You were just a younger girl
Then I knew the smile you gave me
Led me to my world

You and me with morning's glory
Tell the story in your eyes
When you hold me in your arms
It's like a lullaby

I love you so
I know you know
Time is calling
Tears are falling
Me, love true

Take us back to life's fond treasures
Every measure you and me
Lived a life with eyes that hold me
Never set me free

I love you so
I know you know
Time is calling
Tears are falling
Me, love true

'cause I
Love you

A Fun Time, Sunshine, Camping Holiday

(2012) Play song
Camping is fun! Lyrics

(Refrain) A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday

V1: When it gets too much and I’m low
There’s a happy place I can go
Off to where the smiles are
And it isn’t very far
A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday

V2: Children laughing loudly as they play
Parents reading books of far away
Smokey fires burning
Marshmallows will be turning
A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday

Hot dogs
Croaking frogs
Pine trees and starry nights

Good friends
Long weekends
Gotta pack...
these mem'ries in my knapsack

(Gonna take them back)

V3: Telling scary stories having fun
Waking up refreshed before the Sun
Campfire bacon
Pretty soon will all be taken
A Fun Time Sunshine Camping Holiday


(Brief Instrumental and camping Sound effects)

Reels of Worn Out Movies

(2013) Play song
"Reels of Worn Out Movies" is about how we replay old memories of things past and lost friends and loves.

V1: Reels of worn out movies
Turning slowly in my head
Some say the more you remember old times
The more you will forget***

V2: Actors in a screenplay
Transfixed in time
Some of them in starring roles
In life's past storyline

Smiles I knew
Friends I had
Happy sad
I'm with them all again
When I watch them in
Those reels of worn out movies

V3: Voices so familiar
Faces from the past
True life stories of love and laughter
Performance unsurpassed


A Painted Pig Christmas Carol

(2014) Play song
(c)2014 Richard & Jeanne

INTRO V1: I was walking in Canton on a winter’s day
When up in the sky I spotted Santa’s sleigh
R.. He yelled “Son, do you know where an elf can get a brew?”
J..I said, Santa, in fact, indeed, I do

V2: Just in time, we entered the bar
We heard Wade Sapp play’n, he’s truly a star!
Singin’ Okachobee; We know every line-
it made Santa wanna have a real good time

I introduced Santa to the usual crew
R... He said.. “I wanna meet Sonny and Cher!” they're cool
J.... You mean Mark and Donna? They’re over there
and though it was Christmas he hadn’t a care

He’s having fun at the Painted Pig
Meet’n all the players, and if he’s lucky
He’ll get a gig

V3: Pig owner Joe handed Santa a brew
Santa said R.... J oe you’ve been really good to your crew
He nodded to Rudolf, who brought in his gear
Santa reached in his bag to bring out some cheer

He gave Joe a key to Canton downtown
A new bass for Ronnie, Rwith that stairway to heaven sound
new Drums for Caleb, a pretty girl too
A banjo for Daniel – 19/22!

A blues harp for Jim, and Wayland was next-
A 12 string guitar – J... BETTER THAN SEX!
As Wade looked on – hey… did Santa forget?
‘Cause Santa hadn’t given Wade noth’n yet!

He’s having fun at the Painted Pig
Meet’n all the players, and if he’s lucky
He’ll get a gig

V4: When out of his sack, Santa drew
A lucrative contract, for Wade and crew!
We raised a glass to toast Saint Nick
Santa got on the stage and man COULD he pick!

At last, he had leave, and be on his way
With gifts to deliver, on his sleigh
As reindeer flew off from the ’pig
He said - Merry Christmas to all, I GOT MY GIG!!!!


A7 D D6 B7
Santa Clause has got his DREAM first gig

starting July one, every Monday night

E7 A
you can hear him at the Pig

Liza Jayne

(2014) Play song
(c)2014 Rick Dieffenbach & Annunciata Pascale

Smoother than moonshine
Finer than wine
Let me tell you
About an old friend of mine...

V1: Way back in school
When Mini-skirts, and long hair was cool
Remember when, we hid from the teachers
And what we did, behind those bleaches
Liza Liza Liza Liza, Jayne, you’re still my flame

V2: Time moved on
4 in our 20’s, we played our songs
We Danced, ‘around, the liv'en room
You and I got so in tune
Liza Liza Liza Liza, Jayne, you’re still my flame

.. you're still my flame

You and I, have been together
You and I’ve seen stormy weather
You and I, will always be
The very very very, best friends indeed

V3: Middle Age
Are just more candles on a cake
Light them up, and blow 'em out
‘Cause you and I, are here and now
Liza Liza Liza Jayne, you’re still my flame

you’re still my flame
you’re still my flame
you’re still my flame
you’re still my flame

She's a Lova and a Kissa

(2014) Play song
Bass guitar and harmonies: Annunciata Pascale

Hope in this Hopeless Night

(2013) Play song
By Richard Brooks and Annunciata Pascale

A love song of hope.   WINNER of  a monthly songwriting contest on the MUSE songwriting board!

A lonely spirit sails the sea
Seeking hope among the stars
Its radiant glow sustains the fire in her heart

A restless soul who yearns for more
From ancient seas which drowned her smile
Memories of love she held so tight

And she's caught between two shores
A shipped wreck soul seeks the light
To find hope in this hopeless night
Searching through the storm
A tatted life seeks the light
To find hope in this hopeless night

And then one day, the storm was gone
Lonely nights, replaced by dawn
And as the sun shone, in her face
She theorized, and realized
This was her place
In the sun
Adventure on
With the strength of one
And that's ok
She's on her way
Her way to love

[Instrumental - guitar and bass]

An opened spirit sails the sea
Accepting gifts from high above
Adventurous soul basks in the peace of the night


And she's sailing to the shore
A peaceful girl, found the key
To living life, by living free
Sailing back for more
A gentle soul, turned the light
Brought back hope in this hopeless night

Wind and waves propel her soul
To days and ways she'll spend with him
Sharing his love
Claiming her gifts from above

Miss Olive Pink of Alice Springs

(2014) Play song
(c) 2014 Mike Colvin and Richard Brooks

This is a song about Olive Pink (1884-1975), an anthropologist, gardener and an activist for aboriginal rights. She lived in Alice Springs, Austrialia. The song centers itself on her story as a champion for the aboriginal people.


Guns Guns Guns

(2013) Play song

Neither pro nor anti gun - this song simply repeats some facts.


Gray Skies

(2012) Play song
Gray Skies
On a Saturday night
Sitt'en here
Holding back my tears

And those gray skies
Yes those gray skies
Oh those gray skies
Just won't go

Gray Skies
I close my eyes and dream of you
Nothing more I can do
Nothin's gonna change those gray skies
Into blue
Back to blue
Back to blue

And gray skies

I'm looking you straight in the eyes
Gonna find a way to get on over you

And Sunshine
I'm looking to make you mine
Gonna make the light shine so strong
Gonna tell the darkness to move along
Gonna once again write a happy song

Gray Skies
It's time we said our last goodbye
I'm gonna find a way
To brighten up my day
(and) bring the sunshine
Bring the sunshine
Bring the sunshine
Bring the sunshine
Back to stay

My Burning Heart's for You

(2014) Play song

What Love Can Do

(2014) Play song
This is meant to be duet. However, until I get a female voice, all parts are sung by a male:

Intro: Male
Stay with me
I'll show you what love can do

V1: Male
Hey babes, what you doin, with that red dress on?
Hey babes, are ya going, where you don’t belong?                    
Hey babes, tell me now, before it’s way too late
Hey babes, No more fool’en, this love’n man can’t wait
Stay with me
I’ll show you what love can do

V2: Female
Hey babe, off I go, out to dance
Hey babe,  all I want,  is more romance
Hey babe, don’t wait up, ‘cause I’ll be home late
Hey babe, if you want, you can be my date
Stay with me
I’ll show you what love can do

Worn out jeans / low cut top, I can’t get my eyes to stop    <<< Male        
(She says) Let’s go out, have some fun, and when the night is done  << female & male  except "she says" which is only male.
I’ll take you home, and show you what love can do  << male and female



V3: Both male and female, with male mostly
Hey babe, off we go, it’s way past late
Hey babe, love’s   hot, let’s radiate
Hey babe, hold me close, whisper in my ear
Hey babes, when you need, a love engineer

Stay with me x 2 these 2 lines    <<< Both male and female.
 I’ll show you what love can do

Red Thief

(2013) Play song
By Richard Brooks and Annunciata Pascale. A "story song"


Ordinary Man

(2014) Play song

Sitt’en in the chair, wait’en for the sun to rise
Watching the memories again
Through my eyes

I've made mistakes, that's for sure I know
But I never walked out the door
Never walked out the door

I'm an ordinary man
I’m an ordinary man
I'm an ordinary man
Doing the best, I can
But it wasn’t good enough
I'm an ordinary man

I gave you my heart, then you walked out the door
As you left, you said, you wanted more
I tried my best, to understand your needs
I gave all that I could, and couldn’t please


You wanted more then I could give
You stole from me,
And then you said, you can’t forgive

Closing chorus:
… An ordinary man
An ordinary man
An ordinary man
Doing the best he can

In Love

(2013) Play song
A song about finding a special someone in your life. Lyrics.

That Wasn't Smart

(2013) Play song
A humorous song about one man's suffering.  Lyrics

Gay (Happy) Paree

(2013) Play song

Partly based on a true story about a visit to Paris by a fellow songwriter.  Hopefully a little bit of fun.


Dear God

(2013) Play song
A song about bargaining with God after a loved one becomes sick, the want, the frustration, the argument, and ultimately, the disappointment. One can't bargain with God.  Lyrics

Everything About Her Drives Me Wild

(2013) Play song
A bit of lust....


(2013) Play song
One day I had something for sale. Up drives a very slick looking hot red sports car. The gentlemen looked like a successful lawyer or doctor.  Instead he introduced himself as a preacher.   Lyrics

And When I Awake

(2013) Play song

Christmas Day

(2012) Play song
(c) 2012 Rick Dieffenbach and Donna Walsh

An upbeat tempo, happy Christmas song about family.


High School

(2013) Play song
When I was in high school I was in a rock ' roll band. 

The talking at the start of the song is Wayne (best friend at the time), and then briefly me.  At the end of the song I am counting off, then Jimmy (Drummer), the Dave (Bass), then Wayne. The talking was recorded in high school.



(2013) Play song
A song about the impacts of bullying and sexual abuse on children.

You and Me

(2013) Play song
A marriage proposal in a song.


Where Did America Go?

(2011) Play song

This song started with a visit to my local name brand department store. Let's call it Bull's Eye. I tried to find something - anything - made in America. Then I had a hot mocha latte at Starbucks which was located in the Bull's Eye store. Still American owned, thank goodness.

It's Christmas Time. Again

(1981) Play song
(c) 1981 Richard Dieffenbach and Jeannie

This is a 1981 recording using headphones as a microphone on a 2 track recorder!  Jeanne and I recorded this. The quality of the recording is extremely poor. But it brings a smile to my face. We sound like Alvin and the Chipmonks.


(2012) Play song

A brother expresses affection and love for his sister.

V1: You're my sister
I'm your brother
we have secrets
on each other

When the kids said.... I was  too small
You were the one.... that taught me baseball

V2: You were married
Had a baby
Turned single mother
Your life was crazy

But you always found the time
To call me up and sing a birthday rhyme



Remember all those times when we were 
out there in the sun...
Racing home from school

We'd open up the door to find a glass of milk and apple pie

Play'en in the snow
Acting in the Christmas show

As the days....
Flew on by


V3: You're my sister
I'm your brother
we have secrets
on each other

On the day... that you turned 50
your silver hair and eyes looked so pretty


You're my sister
I'm you're brother

A Picture on Its Side

(2013) Play song
About a picture found in a drawer.

Chemo is a Liar

(2012) Play song

My late wife had three years of chemo. It extended her life. In the end, it let her down.

Coatless, Hopeless

(2012) Play song

A song about homelessness in America.


Sailing Blue Sky Sunshine (Bill's Song)

(2012) Play song

Sailing. Dedicated to my brother Bill.


Where's My Hair?

(2012) Play song
Where the hell is my hair anyways? Did you take it??!!

The Universe Expands

(2013) Play song
(c)2013 Richard Dieffenbach and Annunciata Pascale

A song about re-connections.


Toss Out the Left, 'Can the Right

(2013) Play song
This is a very political song - nonpartisan since it slams both the right and the left.  Lyrics

Friend to the End and Happy Birthday, Goodbye

(2013) Play song

The story I am about to tell is absolutely true.

One day, decades ago, I awoke on a cold January morning and remembered that it was the birthday of a girl I once dated in high school. More than dated... loved. I had not seen her or been in contact since school. As far as I had heard through the small-town-pipeline, she was happily married with children.

Her name was Kathie.

I wrote a song that morning – imagining how it would be if I ran into her - say in a store. We’d say hello, have a couple of minutes of chit chat and then say goodbye.

The song was called “ A friend to the end”. But the reality was this - as far as I knew, I would never see her again.

Fast forward five years. I am divorced, and as it turns out, so was Kathie. I looked her up. We met, fell in love, got married and started our life.

I was with this wonderful person for 25 years. For the last 4 years of her life, she fought pancreatic cancer.

I still and will always carry my Kathie in my heart wherever I go. I will always hear her voice lovingly talking to me. I will always see her smile. And remember our life together.

A couple of months ago, in 2013, I wrote new lyrics using the same music from A Friend to the End. It was called Happy Birthday, GoodbyeIt's about remembering her.

Happy Birthday, Goodbye (Lyrics 2013)

A friend to the End (Recorded 2013, Lyrics 1982)

A Friend to the End (Original 1982 recording from a cassette tape. Mp3 download)

ILYK forever.


Wanting to be Seen

(2013) Play song
A country-ish song about a young lady sing who wants to make it in the music business.

The Road Turns

(2012) Play song

One voice one instrument song about sudden changes in life.


Plan B

(2012) Play song

So life hands you a blow. What then?   Lyrics

And Oh So Lovely

(2012) Play song

The story of my life with Kathie, whom I feel in love with at age 13, later married and spent 25 wonder years with as my wife until she died of pancreatic cancer. She was amazing in every way, and I was a blessed man because of her.



(2012) Play song

A short song about family.


(2012) Play song

Achieving your dreams, whatever they may be.


Put Your Lies Where the Sun Don't Shine

(2011) Play song

Make'a Sweet Love to You

(2011) Play song
Bouncy happy song.


An Old Fashioned Song

(2011) Play song

Sounds like it could have been on a 78 record.


Kathie D (She's Everything to Me)

(2012) Play song

Shear joy when you are going on a trip to visit someone special.

When True Loves Finds You

(2011) Play song

A 50/60's "retro song"  FULL LYRICS

Break From Your Own Past

(2011) Play song

Song by Rick Dieffenbach, Jay Speight sings.


Lucky Day

(2012) Play song

Can you be this lucky?  Lyrics

Give Me Some Fun

(2012) Play song

Fun in a muscle car approaching Vegas


Bright Eyed Sunshine Girl

(2012) Play song

The song is about what to look for,  and what to avoid in a relationship, based on my lifetime.

It's a bouncy little tune.

I'm in love with you

(2012) Play song

This is a bouncy little tune about the love found and love lost and love 'looken again.


Santa Clause Come Back Next Year

(2011) Play song
Sadness during the holidays.

Was It Something I Did?

(2012) Play song


ALSO: There is a song written by Justin Osowiecki called "Young Man Gone" which used my lyrics as a starting point. (all by permission). : "Young Man Gone", and here's a link to many other songs by Justin.

Chocolate Candies and Red Wrapped Hearts

(2012) Play song

This is a love song that carries a Valentines' day theme. It was written to apply to a songwriting contest. The contest was looking for love songs associated with Valentines day.

Shucks.. I did not win... Lyrics

Tra La La - Live Your Life

(2011) Play song

Tra La La - Live Your Life is an attempt at a joyful song about life, in the spirit of the Beatles' Obl-La-De Ob-La-da.

Full Lyrics

Dream a Happy Dream

(2011) Play song
I wanted to write a song about the love of a father to a newborn baby.


Done. (Song for P)

(2012) Play song

Total relationship train wreck.


(On) The Day I Lost Myself - I Found You

(2011) Play song

I wrote 2 songs when I was 15 that became this song many years later.

How Santa Plays Guitar

(2011) Play song

I've always wanted to write a bouncy Christmas song. This is it.

Photo used by permission of Orrin Hastings. Visit his site.


You and I (2011)

(2011) Play song
Jay Speight sings.

Full lyrics

She's My Part Time Lady and Full Time Love

(2012) Play song


There's That Moon Again

(2012) Play song
Lyrics ©2012 Jack Deremiah, Music ©2012 Rick Dieffenbach

This is a bouncy-happy song with superb Lyrics by Jack Deremiah. Have fun!


A Trail of Friends

(2012) Play song

This song is about the "trail of friends" that we leave behind as life goes on. I have an "alternate version" of the same song, this one is faster paced and a bit countryish.

Run Fast Very Slow

(2011) Play song
This  song is about someone escaping his life to a tropical paradise.


The Empty Side of the Bed

(2012) Play song

This is about a man whose wife or girlfriend has left him.

Picture Picture

(2011) Play song


A True Love For All Time

(2011) Play song

I wanted a song that captures life long love between a couple.


Good Night My Love

(2011) Play song

This is a song about a couple sleeping together.  Not THAT kind of sleeping together. Well, may be a little... but mostly about love and affection between two people.

Full Lyrics

Sara Jones Was Her Name

(2011) Play song

Sara is a young waitress at a country cafe...

Full Lyrics Here

Happy to Be Sappy

(2011) Play song

Many of my songs tend to be happy-go-lucky about things - love, friendship etc.  And so I thought, ya know, I'm happy to be sappy.  And there you have it.

full lyrics go here

Sailing Every Day

(2011) Play song

2 Links in a Chain

(1983) Play song

I wrote this when my sons Andrew and Richy were young. It's sort of a life-philosophy song, where I am explaining to them what I thought our roles were in the scheme of things. It still rings true today.

Friend to the End

(1982) Play song

Fiddle in the Sky

(1972) Play song

I did not write this song or sing it. But I did participate in it. It was composed by a dear high school friend of mine way back when; his name was Wayne. I was around 17. It was a nonsense song and we had lots of fun playing it. Our little band even performed it at a school dance. Here we are fooling around at a practice. This sound clip brings a smile to my face even today.

Sound effects in this song (dogs, chickens etc) were recorded outside my parent's Jewett, NY home with a hand-held cassette recorder.

It was recorded on my Sony Reel-to-reel.

I Love You I Do

(1972) Play song

I felt so cool in 1972, age 16, with my Paul McCartneyish Hofner knockoff bass.

Looking at this picture, it's no wonder Kathie's mom didn't want me with her daughter.

I do miss the hair.

At the ripe old age of 16, it seemed like all my friends and I had been dumped by our girlfriends. Wayne, David Carl, Manny Gonzalez, Jimmy Osborn and I each had our "steadies" tell us, after taking a trip near or far, in so many words, that they had "found themselves" - kinda "found the light".

The song starts out with a girl telling her boyfriend how much she loves him. Then there is a brief phone call, where the boy is told that she has found herself. The boy doesn't understand "why". And finally, there's a blues-chord chanting of "I found myself yeh yeh".

This is a poor quality recording, plus it dips in speed briefly towards the start. I am lucky to have pulled it off a 40+ year old tape that had been in storage under all conditions.

My Love

(1969) Play song

This was the first song I ever wrote. I was 13ish. It was about Kathie, who had been my girlfriend and 1st love a year before in 7th grade. My friend Manny Gonzales sang the song. We recorded it on a portable cassette player using a single guitar. We overdubbed it onto a 2nd cassette player using a hand made wired connector. The "bass" was just the lower strings on my acoustic guitar.

This is the original 1969 recording, made while sitting on my bedroom floor.

"My Love, this goes to you, I'll never say goodbye."

That was more than 40 years ago! And I still love her so.

No Matter What the Weather Does

(2013) Play song

Mr. Putin Lilliputian

(2014) Play song

All songs copyright Richard Dieffenbach.